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$1,000 Peewee

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A member of our local marble club who specializes in peewees was showing his prized collection at a marble show when a collector showed a keen interest in one very fine peewee. "Sorry, it is not for sale." - the peewee collector replied to a buy inquiry. The prospective buyer did not give up. "Would you take $1,000 for it? The peewee collector replied, "Would you like a bag for that?

I set a note the the peewee seller requesting details -- and this is his response ---

Good morning,
The peewee you refer to is a 15/32, single pontil, end of day, lutz cloud type with a hint of pink and white color through the core. The surface of the marble was very clear, there were no defects either inside or out. The marble was very round and the pontil finely ground. I think that I may have a photo somewhere, if I find it, I will forward it to you. I do however have a copy of the $1000.00 check.
Take care.

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