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Hello. Welcome.

These look mostly modern, where "modern" means "made after 1970".

There are Asian cat's eyes in the tall jar.

Most of the larger marbles appear to be Jabo Classics. Jabo is a company in Ohio which mostly makes industrial marbles but would used to have a couple of runs of play marbles every year. Starting around 1991. Some of the smaller ones look like Jabo Classics also. (The smaller one on the left in the last photo is a Jabo Classic.)

The speckled ones are likely from Asia, or they could be from Mexico.

Most of the ones with three thin stripes are from Asia. We often call that style "Imperial" because the Imperial Toy Co. sold them.

In those in your hand, the two reddish ones closest to the middle look like they could possibly have a chance of being older. More views might help.

In the jar on the right I spy one large-ish marble with red and green bands. That one might be from about 1960. Mighte be a Marble King Rainbow Red.

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The middle one in the new photos is a Vitro All-Red. Sometimes called a Blackline All-Red because later All-Reds would have a patch of color on either end without the brown band in between them.

Still going with Marble King Rainbo Red for the marble on the right.

Both of those could be from the late 1950's, with the Marble King possibly from the early 1960's.

The marble on the left mostly looks like a Jabo Classic. But hard to say. The condition issues make it look like it might be a little older. At the same time, condition issues detract from value.

As to value, from what I have seen these are all fairly common marbles. Maybe you put them in a quart jar marked with $20 or $25. Or pint jars labeled $10 or $15 or even $20 if you're feeling lucky and it's a nice jar. I think that would be more than you could get for them on ebay. But if you have the shelf space for them, you can wait for a buyer.

Jabos and other modern marbles can of course be disappointing to people who are looking for vintage marbles. However, Jabo has developed a following in recent years. There are people who would treat them as collectible. Not vintage. But worth having some as part of marble history.

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I still would be interested in seeing more views of this marble if you think you can find it again:


For future reference, with vintage marbles, even one chip could reduce the value by more than half. So if you get more marbles and think you might have some vintage ones be careful about sloshing them around. :)

(I had that thought when I pictured you maybe rolling the marbles around trying to find this one that I'm asking about. :))

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Those could be the ones. I can't tell what those are. They were a slightly smaller size than the ones I was sure were Jabo. So, I still don't know.

Could still be Jabo. Or could be older swirls.

Hmmm. Not sure.

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