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Found a folder of some slides I scanned awhile back. From a soldier who was in Germany around 1952. My old slide scanner doesn't work with this computer so add a new scanner to the technology I need to figure out how to use.

Soap Box Derby in Soldiers' Field in Nuremburg ... and Hitler's bombed out mountain retreat.





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I almost wrote "Nurnberg" instead of "Nuremberg". But I wasn't sure about it.

Ooops, I actually wrote Nuremburg, with an extra u, so I got it wrong either way. I'm far from the best geography student. But I'm interested.

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Thanks for the pictures.

The car on the right- a Mercedes Benz 170 is like one I owned in the early '60's.

It was a super car, but it stood out a little too much for a youngster.

My next car was an American made machine.

And Winnie,

Those toys on the shelves at the 1950 toy fair made me drool.

The guy staring through the shelves has that 'Gotta Have It' look on his face.


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