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Peltier Multi-Colored....what

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I have dozens of Multi colored rainbo and swirls. My 1st with yellow in it as well. Not sure if it is a rare or just a "thing". It's condition had me about to toss it in the crap jar, but those 2 extra colors put me of a mind to take images

Green base




Black streaks

Did not want to fiddle with finding my macro lenses so I utilized back lighting to show the black lines.

It seems the yellow replaced the white I see in some


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I have a few with yellow (and one beloved one with yellow and oxblood), but in my experience they don't turn up very often. Although I'd be reluctant to call them rare. Maybe scarce? But that could be just my personal experience. >> waiting to hear from westcoastdave, etc. <<

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I found a few of those with yellow, in the bottom row here...


for MarbleDawg below....the ribbons are on the surface, not submerged, and they are a dull yellow..two in the 4th row above, have the same yellow along with white, to compare...

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Very cool. You're not taking a liking to pelts now are you, Trey?? Lol

Not at all :)

What I NEED is a phone call so I can articulate what I am seeing without having to take so many photos and transfer them to my desk top from my phone, then uplod, then post....It's a pain. My fan fried on my 7850 and I am not going to risk high resolution image and multiple programs going at the same time and fry the entire card :) I have loved this card since I got it in 2011. They are still over 200.00 a pop for the 2g 256bit, which for a 3 year old card is a testament to it's strengths :) If it ends up going after I replace the fan I will buy the same thing again. Best card I have ever had

I have just listed a Sunset, except it was sideways.

It looks like a plus or a cat eye. White goes 1 way, red the other

NOW, I am looking at another, that has the white line, then upper left is all red and lower left is all red. Just odd crap I have not seen before


I need someone I can text pics too whom knows petls. I LOVE hearing "Oh,it's called a blah,blah" rather than hearing "Oh, it's just an ol rainbo". It's just cooler to be honest. It's what I disliek msot about Akros as well. I mean.....If I say Akro agate cork, Halloween colors...it points to ONE marble....why not call it a Halloween


I digress

Were there REAL NASTY,dark galaxys that were single stream millers ?

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