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Kansas City Marble Show

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The Kansas City Marble show is coming up fast, March 8 2015. For hotel information go to the Kansas City Marble Club website http://www.kcmarbleclub.com/index.htm

If you pre registered a room reservation at last years show for this year(2015) I would call the hotel to verify that you have a room, I called to verify my room and they did not have me down for a room so please call. We do have tables still available so if you want one reserve it as soon as possible, the room only holds 55 tables and we always sell out.

For more information and questions contact:

Charles Williams [email protected]

Scott McBride [email protected]

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If you have never been to this show, you're really missing out. Bruce does a great job with the contemporary show at Moon Marble and the KC Marble Club puts on an equally great event at the hotel. We look forward to these two shows every year and can't wait to see everyone again. It's worth the drive just for the barbecue and fellowship.

Brett - Hot House Glass

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When you go to this show plan on spending the day Friday at Moon Marble for the greatest opportunity to see many different glass artists actually make contemporary marbles on site. You will see torch made, furnace made, glory hole along with a huge selection of contemporary artists. Watching the glass artists make marbles is a unbelievable opportunity to increase you're knowledge. Santa12345

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