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Psa About Clogs In Drains


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I won't be graphic. I recently changed positions at my plumbing company and am the 24/7 drain snaking guy. This change has made me feel as though I must tell everyone "it says flushable, but it's not, IT'S A LIE!!!"

Don't flush:

Lady products

Wet wipes

Anything that ain't natural or paper!!!!

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Things I have pulled as both drain snaking and whilst maintenance at mcds:

Pistachio shells(urinal)

1'x2' painting rag(made it all the way to the main)

Bed pad(nursing home-in the main)

Spiderman(8", IN the urinal)


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Today It was Greenbeans. Apparently this old woman didn want someone to feel bad about not liking their homegrown green beans. In an effort to hide the evidence and not make someone feel bad she flushed them, about a cup, cup and a half. They were the big suckers too, 5-6" long. It's the thought that counts right?

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Luckily I don't deal with many of THOSE mice. One call I had friday the cleaning lady ACCIDENTALLY flushed a wash cloth, and it was right there, a bent up coat hanger could have gotten it. For me the biggest source of calls is a tie between sinks/showers with hair and toilets/rusty mains with wet wipes.

Galvanized steel pipes are the worst, its like if you roll up a poster and then pull the edge in the center of the tube inward more, like the pipes are made of rolled sheet metal. When they rust everything gets caught in them.

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