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Jabo Marbles - From Which Run/year ?


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Hi: Just purchased 190 of these type marbles at a Canadian auction. I am quite certain that they are Jabos, however, need help identifying the run and possible year they were made. Any help at all will be much appreciated. I am submitting 8 pictures in lots of 2 mables each. Thanks in advance, Bob.



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Hillbilly Magic or maybe Indian Summer with that bubblegum color (pink). We used the bubblegum color a lot in the Indian Summer run. Would need more pictures and of any other marbles in the group.

Hillbilly Magic Sept.19,2011

Indian Summer Oct.3,2011

Myself(in the back) and Griff at the Hillbilly Magic run.


Myself on right and my good friend(departed)Bobby Newman on the left. He is missed.


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