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These are 'cool', but first we have more need for a few of the 'oldies but goodies'.

Like the 'arms-out shrug what the bleep huh'.

And the 'slaps oneself in the face'

Granted, I may be in more need of that last one than most people! :) .

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Yep! Those first two are the ones I'd most like to see.

There are probably a couple more I'd like to have around,

but I won't remember them until two seconds after I hit the 'reply' button. ( :

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Ha! I can't believe I forgot about the rolling head! B)

Having a good variety of smile/laugh types is a great thing.

With only a few choices, you sometimes wind up not 'smiling' as

often as you might, because you don't want to be repetitive.

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I'm feeling a little guilty for responding to the original post in a 'selfish' way,

and sort of ignoring the 'just for fun' part. :blush:

It's definitely been fun seeing all the other emoticons, even when I don't have

my own personal need for them here. Hope people continue to post them

for any and all reasons! ( :

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We have a lot of emoticons to add back in, don't we.

*she says to bump the thread while continuing to stall on organizing a list to give to Lou or seeing if she can figure out emoticon adding herself*

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