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Attn: Pedidoll - Caged Cats Cloudies/moonies


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Hello Pedidoll and marble collectors everywhere! (I also posted this in the Buy-Sell-Trade section under Pedidoll's thread but didn't know if it would be seen so posted it here too).

I purchased this cool box of catseyes many many years ago on Ebay. They were sold to me as an original jobber box of Vitro six vane caged cats in moonie glass. The seller was a well-known marble collector who fed my catseye marble addiction on a regular basis - he did not collect machine made marbles.

I believe they may be the "cloudies" you refer to? They all have cloudy moonie type glass which may be hard to see in my pics.
Also, the sunlight played tricks and made the marbles appear to have a new marble oily surface sheen. There is no oily sheen on them in person.

I love "cats" and have collected them for almost 30 years. The really awesome ones are getting very hard to find now don't you think?.



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Hi Al !! My understanding of cloudies/moonies is that they have a foggy area not a solid white patch area. Also, all of mine are opal. when held up to a light or under a mag lite. But I am far from being an expert on these types of marbles. I just like 'em! :)

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I have come across very few of these in all my years of collecting. The box I pictured was a very lucky Ebay find.

Back in those days, getting any unusual cateyes past collectors such as you Al, Pinx, PatryD, auntbeas, mrshads, cwb300, cherdutch, biblefreak, the rev, etc. was a daunting task! (but Lordy how I miss those good old days). :)

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