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Hi ... Marble People ... Need Help ...


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Hi ... I am new ... and am a fishing lure collector that ended up with a big bunch of marbles .... which I am in the process of sorting out right now ....

QUESTION ... are these 3 marbles called Mica marbles ? 1st picture is without direct light ... and 2nd picture has light shinning on them .... Can you guys and gals tell me the maker of these ? And what they are ? 2 are really big ...

Thanks Doug



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Hi. The top compartment and the bottom compartment both look like modern marbles from Asia. Called Imperial because they were distributed by the Imperial Toy Company.

Also, the compartment with the boulders in it looks like all or mostly modern.

Also, the compartment on the right side of the second row from the top.

In the other compartments there appear to be some older marbles. For instance, the lefthand compartment on the second row has some Vitro Blackies in it. And I see at least one Peltier Rainbows in the long compartment on the third row. And there could be some West Virginia swirls in that compartment.

I'm not sure about the middle compartment on the third row but it has some possibilities.

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Hello folks,

could you clue me in what a fiber optic marble is?



A fiber optic marble is made from the same type of glass they make fiber optic cable from. They are very distinctive in how the light reflects through them, often looking like there is a line of light through the center which stays in place when you turn the marble.

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