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Modern Technology


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(There will be no 'old fart' complaining here. Kind of the opposite.)

I just saw this commercial, and had to admit a couple things to myself.

Maybe all these modern communication devices aren't as entirely bad

as I sometimes make them out to be.

Although the process still looks a little silly to me, I think I'd like to be able to

push three buttons and have a pizza on its way. I'm assuming you can

have a 'default' order, so they'll already know exactly what you want, and

that you can have it automatically charged to your account of choice.

Yeah. I think I might like that.... :)


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Even though I know you're being funny, I haven't lied here yet, and have to

admit that I couldn't possibly explain what an emoji is.

I've heard of them, and just ignored them as another modern example of

'the same old wine in a brand new bottle'.

It should be pointed out here for people who don't know me, that I've

never sent a 'text message' in my entire life. Wouldn't know how. Seriously. ( :

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