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I've Seen This Called Cairo


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This one is bigger, at 0.76" and I've seen this very one ID'd as Cairo...but wondering what other's think. It really lacks some cardinal Cairo features and colors. It is a bit back and forth, and it is biased with color on one side. I'll post it over in the Cairo thread if there is some consensus. Thanks! John




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A three-quarter inch Cairo .... hmmmm .... ?

Yeah, according to American Machine-Made Marbles there could be such a thing .... but ??????

I'd LOVE it to be Cairo.

My money would be on Jabo though. All 25 cents of it. (25 cents is my max bet.)

I've love love LOVE for it to be Cairo. Please be Cairo.

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Steph, for what it's worth, it came out of a VERY nice jar. Since sorting it, I haven't really been able to confirm any mibs in that jar past, like 1950...which isn't to say that one didn't sneak in either! I know that happens too! I didn't have knowledge of Cairo's known sizes either...but now that you mention it, all mine are smaller sizes. John

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