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Black-Brown And White... Some Metallic


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The one on the left looks like it might be an Akro cork. The other three look like Peltier "zebras." The bit of metallic fleck is aventurine. Look at all three of them under a very bright light and see which ones you get a glitter from. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Sometimes the aventurine appears as a silver or gold glitter, but some zebras have other colors too -- here's one of mine, a "bronze" aventurine zebra with a few flecks of green AV too.



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Ann, do you mean the one on the front left here as looking like an Akro cork?


Yes, more pics of that one would be good. Caroline, that could turn out to be an Akro cork with a nice number of loops, or it could turn out to be a Peltier Broken Cork.

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Here are the additional views of the "odd man out" (left one in original post pic).





I was able to shoot these in a more natural afternoon light for as much detail. They are a very good representation of what exists.

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On its own I might not have a guess for it. But if it has aventurine like the rest -- and it does, right? -- then I'd keep it with the rest of the Peltier Zebras.

If it doesn't have aventurine, then I'd wonder if it belonged with your Alleys.

You have so many nice examples of both makers.

Wish I could pick it up off the screen to try to find seams and trace ribbons.

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