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Big Greenies


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At those sizes, I will vote Alley for all.

I started to say the ribbons with both green and brown move those marbles over into the "cool" pile, but I really don't want to single those out. The Boulder size makes all cool, and I don't think transparent based ones at that size are all that common.

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Voting Alley with Steph.

OK, I'll single out the one with the green and brown ribbons . . . Take a good luck with a bright light and you may find that those brown ribbons are oxblood. Larger sizes are unusual in those, in my experience.

I also particularly like what I think of as a "reverse Alley" -- the one with white swirls in a dark green base glass.

All good to have!

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Ann, here are other views of the ones with green and brown ribbons. I held them in direct sunlight, even looked at them with my lupe. But I honestly can't get oxblood out of them.... but maybe you could.





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