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5 More From The Cigar Box


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Starting to weed though what I have. probably have another 15-20 I wouldn't mind knowing more about, I really like the last two marbles shown . the last one has a pretty neat blue ribbon going all around on one side as well as a slight hint of purple in one spot. tried to show the sides as best as possible. on the first marble I did underlight it but it is quite opaque same with the seconds but on the second it has lines of transparent clear glass... for lack of a better word :)
None react to UV light.
1. 16.15mm roughly 5/8"
2. 16.3mm roughly 5/8"
3 16.6mm 21/32" was thinking it looked similar to some Peltier Nationals that I saw on MarbleAlan.com but not quite exactly the same
4.16.5mm closer to 21/32"
5 16.27 exctly 41/64"





Thank You!

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