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Getting Into The Nitty Gritty 5 Marbles


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Starting to get into some more interesting marbles I have a number of very similar to#3 & 4The Number 3's that I have are more of a white/clear/translucent with a small splash of yellow or other colours but very very similar in design to #3, The #4's are different colours also with the same divided lines going from one pole to the other.
1. 5/8
2. 5/8
3. 5/8 UV reactive
4. 0.484 Inches which is just under 1/2" actually its 31/64
5. 21/32

If I had to make an educated guess I would guess (please forgive me if completely wrong lol )
1. Master, or Marble King Blended Boyscout?
2. Master Sunburst
3. Akro Lemonade Patch... (patent pending lol )(Absolutely No Idea What It Is)
4. No Idea....
5.West Virginia Swirl???



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