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Green And Orange Cat


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Nice match on the colors. The other marble is a probably a Vitro All Red. If that's orange enough and not red, it could turn into a Tiger Eye. :)

The three-way cross-through is a special one. It's one of the collectible cat's eyes.

(Most Asian cat's eyes have three pairs of colors adjacent to each other. When one of the pairs crosses through that's good. When all three cross through that's even better.)

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Here are the two kind of cross-throughs I meant there:


Winnie's first group has one cross-through (the white vanes).

Her second group are three-way cross throughs like yours.

Both are special.

People don't often take pictures of the common ones with no cross-throughs. But I put in a special request for some pics. And I know I can find or take some if no one else thinks that's a fun idea. (I have a love-hate relationship with cameras ... I have to psych myself up to use them. :P)

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