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Animal 'Groups' Names


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I had a long boring story in mind to explain how I came to look up this topic tonight.

But I like you guys too much to make you listen to it.

I did find this one site that has a large collection of this always-fun subject.  ( :



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You're familiar with bees?

Cripes.  If you have it in you that you wouldn't mind being a beekeeper

if circumstances allowed for it, then you're a lot more gutsy than I am!  ( :

Part of my boring story was that I was lead into looking at this

stuff because someone in a sit-com I was watching mentioned that a

group of flamingos was called a "pat".  Didn't see this mentioned

anywhere on the 'web', although flamingos seem to have a larger than

average number of names for their 'groups'.  :dunno: 

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Ha!  New one on me.

Good group of groups.  For those interested, clicking on the blue box at the end

that says 'pointless' will take you back a 'page' to an index of lots of fun stuff. 

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