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Cats. And Other Craziness.


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Cats love people who are allergic to them.
This isn't to say that they don't frequently
love people more who aren't.  Just saying.

My father taught me this when I was a boy.
He was deathly allergic to cats, and explained
to me that I might wind up 'kind of', since he was
and my mother wasn't. My first genetics lesson!

He was right. It doesn't bother me much now, but to
this day I can show up at a party, sit down on a couch,
and cats will suddenly appear from the woodwork and sit
on my lap.  And the host or hostess will look awestruck
and exclaim "OMG!  They never come out from hiding when
we have people over!"

And the truth is, I love them back. It's just unfortunate
that at some point I'll have to go home, throw the clothing
in the laundry bin and take a shower.  Or else I'll get
pretty itchy.

Dad never got the luxury of cuddling a cat.  He was too
concerned about winding up in the emergency room.
But his severe allergy got him into a pretty amusing (for others)
situation when he'd take me for a walk through the neighborhood.

Cats would even take time off from hanging out at the
outdoor fish market for the privilege of walking down the
sidewalk behind him!  The 'King of Cats'! 

It made him kind of nervous.  :lol:


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