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White marbles


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Few plain white marbles have value.

There are some which are handmade (and have pontils).

There are some which are called Moons or Moonies.  Some Akro Moonies have "fish eyes" where you can see through the marble .. and can see orange glow inside the marble when holding it up to a light.  (Just because you can see orange glow that doesn't make it a moonie.)

Here's a recent thread with a little glimpse of some collectible white marbles



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Thanks Steph. You've been a lot of help to me and I appreciate it. I bought this huge collection of marbles recently at an estate sale. It's probably not huge compared to y'all that have been doing this for years. It was literally four 5 gallon buckets of marbles. The fellow never played with them. He just stored them in his attic. Half of them are cats eyes I think. I knew nothing about the collection of marbles. I thank you for your patience with all my questions. Your study hall has been a big help too. Thanks again.

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