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Cat eye marbles


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Condition is the big item for marble value.  Even a tiny chip can decease value by half or more.  So, with cat's-eyes, they pretty much need to be mint to have value.  The larger ones (of same type) would generally be worth more than the smaller ones.  I don't have a percentage increase.  As far as types, in the foreign ones, the cross-through types where instead of 3 different color pairs of vanes (side-by-side), you have the 3 different colors across from each other.  I'll post a picture.  Also, the Vitro style cat's-eyes, which I don't think I have seen in your picturs yet, are sometimes more valuable when they are hybrids - meaning 2 or 3 colors in the same vane.  I'll post a picture of those, too.  So, that's a beginning of an answer.

Vitro Cat's-eye Shooter Hybrid (Jerry G).jpg

Cat's-eye - Crossthru Grn&Or&Y.jpg

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Here is a valuable cat's eye -- 4-color Marble King St. Marys cat eye. I think I payed $25 for it.   Last I checked I didn't see me being able to replace it with such a nice example for less.  

StMary_pole.jpg StMary_side.jpg


Mine is in the 5/8" range.  A boulder version would be worth a lot more.

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Next example is your own, Jjay. :)

The one on the left is an example of one which might pull in a few dollars.  Maybe more. Don't know.  But it's a good one.  

The one on the right is an example of the common configuration, which some people might pay a few cents apiece for but which can lower the value of marble lots if it's mixed in with vintage marbles.



Left -- good pattern with with four white vanes alternating with the others:  white, yellow, white, yellow, white, green, white, green


Right -- common, not collectible pattern with the vane pairs together:  white, white, yellow, yellow, green, green.  

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