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Help on these needed


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Don't know about the top middle.


Tint on bottom right makes it look Asian.  That plus the cold rolls mean put it in your "no value" pile. And yes, it's a cat eye.


The rest could be Vitro cats.  Start grouping the nicer condition Vitro hybrids together.  If any are conspicuously damaged they go into the no-value pile, but start pulling out he nice condition ones. 

The bottom middle is interesting.  Could be a different maker, but probably safe putting it in a generic Vitro hybrid lot.  You could have some ebay success  with small groups of those listed for $10, say.  


Top right is interesting.  More views please.


Bottom left is an earlish Vitro cat eye, with desirable colors.  Could be worth a dollar, or more with the right audience.  The earliest Vitro cat's eyes can be worth a dollar or more with nice colors even if they're just a single color.  Most single color cat's eyes aren't worth anything.  The early Vitros are an exception.  

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Wow, they both look different from what I was expecting.


The green and yellow goes into your Vitro Hybrid cats eye group.


The blue and white one is a "transparent swirl".  In the West Virginia swirl family.  

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You could try a "transparent swirl" grouping on ebay ... or you could put it in with a generic West Virginia swirl group.

These are relatively common but could still be worth more than just the few cents of the most common cat's eyes. 

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