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Important Gropper Onyx Documents

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I recently acquired a nice marble collection and this gem was tucked away in a pile of ephemera.  It is a revised price list for Gropper to a buyer.  It names Christensen as the provider for the marbles and is from 1930.  It also gives a description of the marbles boxed and prices.  See favorite, professional (2 color) and champion (3 color).  In a previous thread on Gropper, Hansel kindly shared his Gropper box that had professional stamped on it.  Now we know why. (Someone find the link please).  I figured we should all share info and then we all can learn.  Hopefully this sheds some light.  Read carefully. 






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Can we assume this is one of the favorite boxes from the ad? 

On the paper under display boxes, some have an (A) next to the number.  Like 10A.  Wonder if those are Albright? Although I thought Albright was a jobber like Gropper.  Perhaps the box shown is “15”.


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Perhaps Flints were American agates? 

I think I figured out the code.  This is a cac slag box with a Gropper tag and stamped favorite.  This is 100ct.  It corresponds to 100A on the list.  Maybe the A stands for Agate and are really Onyx (slag) marbles


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More Albright ... with the Professional name.   This box used to be Ron Schleser's.  




Well, it said Albright on top.  Said Christensen on the side.



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I believe that Albright was the original sole distributor - I have newspaper articles talking about such...memory is a little rusty. I bet Albright was already in bed with Groper prior to CA existing. Albright existed from early 1900's up till recent days - still made industrial marbles in Ravenna up till the 90's.



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Great stuff Brian.  Here is a pic from American machine made marbles.  Says it was an ad for Christensen marbles.  You can see Gropper boxes throughout the ad and the bag of Albright clays in the top left corner. The ad was attributed to Hansel.  Maybe there is a better photo of it that he posted so we can read it. 


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Is the answer at the bottom right of the photo?

On ‎6‎/‎2‎/‎2018 at 12:13 PM, BuckEye said:

Found this in the archives.  Maybe be the A is for assortment? Clays and glass....?


The No. 25, 50 and 100 come in an "Attractive" Box and leatherette Bag.

So, does "A" mean "Attractive".

5 = $2.25 / gross

5A = $2.70 / gross (+$0.45 / gross)

10 = $5.00 / gross

10A = $6.10 / gross (+$1.10 / gross)

You either have "Plain" Boxes for Bulk or attractive, bright "Printed" boxes for retail.

Printed boxes cost more to make.


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