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liking these 50 Place, 12/13mm Detachable Test Tube Racks

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I ordered one of these 208V2 racks for displaying marbles and think it might be one of my favorite affordable display methods so far. You can find them on eBay and Amazon.com for under $6 including shipping, or $1.99 each from the manufacturer (not including shipping).

What I like:

- each contains three plastic trays that hold 50 5/8" marbles each. Note, two of these have the larger hole size; the third one (shown on right of my picture) has smaller holes but still holds 5/8" marbles albeit not as securely.

- trays are hard and sturdy. They don't bend if you lift a full one up by one end.

What I don't like:

-the aqua blue color is not neutral. I understand they did make clear at one point, so I will look out for those.

I am now trying to think of what sort of tray I can put multiples of these in. I understand they also have ones with 15/17mm holes which might work even better if combined with a foam layer underneath?20180711_135906.jpg.7f388a14678ab61d25205847fb58d8ba.jpg


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5 minutes ago, westcoast_dave said:

I like these, thinking about buying a few.  They look great for sorting marbles.  A large one that would hold a couple hundred marbles would be awesome.  

Like I said, they're solid and cheap but the blue is a bit off-putting, although if you put a layer of gray foam under it, that might neutralize things enough. Still, I cannot think of anything better that's nearly as a ffordable.

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