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To restore or not to restore?


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There are many people who fundamentally oppose restoration.   They worry about restored marbles being sold as original condition.

But, if it's your marble, for your enjoyment, then you get to do what you want with it.  If it's a marble with color at the surface, then repairs could completely change the look of the marble.   For a sulphide that wouldn't be such a problem.  

I don't know what costs are associated with restoration because I don't know anyone who's still doing it.  The people I know who did it have passed away or are in poor health.  

So, if you find someone who can do it, then issues could be the cost of the repair versus how much it would cost just to purchase a better example of the marble.  

For relatively common marbles, the cost probably wouldn't be worth it.  For more rare marbles, you might want to consider the pre-repair monetary value versus the post-repair value. If it's a completely trashed marble than repairing probably wouldn't lower value, but if it's a near mint rare marble, then it could be much more valuable in the original condition than it would be restored.  



How was that for a bunch of vague statements?  Did any of it help?

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