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Any ideas on these?

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Just wondering if anyone has any idea with these....I found them in a box full of 80s toys, but (with the exception of the black speckled ones) seem to have pontils..


The last pic is a 1" Marble, the others are 14mm to 16mm


Any info or opinions appreciated 🙂




Auckland/New Zealand





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Hi there! 

The first six look vintage, meaning before 1970.  

The rest look like they could be from the 1980's or later.

They are all machine-made which means they do not have pontils.  They may have "seams" or "cutlines" from the beginning or end of the glass stream in the automated process.  Or they may have "cold rolls" were creases formed because the molten glass was just a little too cool to be completely rounded on the mechanized rollers.  

More views might suggest a 1930's or so Japanese origin on the blue ones.  Not sure what kind of yellow and green swirls you might end up with in New Zealand.  

The speckled ones and the one-incher at the end would be Asian or Mexican.  


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