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New to forum, not so new collector

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Hello to all. Just want to say thanks for all the information provided in your forum. I've been checking things out for a couple few weeks and I'd have to say that I've learned more and found more clarity through posts I've found here than any where else. Good job folks! I've been collecting marbles as a hobby for about four years and started making my own marbles about a year ago. I attempted to id some of my collection about two years ago, briefly, as it was so overwhelming that I didn't make much progress. After finding this forum and a lot of reading I actually have groups of marbles , by makers, instead of just boxes of mixed up every things. Heck, I may be able too hold my own in a conversation about marbles. Again, Thank You. I'm sure I'll be chiming in more, soon, and will definately post pics of my own. 

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