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As the New Year approaches, the tension is High "Big Wishes"  "Unreal Resolutions" and 

"Far Fetched Promises" all part of each individuals great " Master Plan "




Choose ye now whom ye shall serve !!


Have you made your "resolution" yet

The decision you make now may affect

the rest of your life !! 




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For many years my resolution was to eat cheesecake every day.  Because then I wouldn't feel guilty when I broke the resolution.

This year's resolution is to be able to do a chin-up without assist by next Christmas.     I have been using a chin-up machine at a gym to help make that happen.    My current setting on the machine is "heckuva lot of assist".  

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38 minutes ago, Steph said:

1 hour 1 minute here ....

I am so ready.

I always get to suffer a little longer than anyone else, I'm only 48 mi. from the Pacific ocean :angry:

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            :party-243:Happy New Year Marble Friends:party-243:



                                                 :party-243:Blessings On You !!:party-243:    


                         Time To Open A New 



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 Take it from me, you can "count" on having a

                   " Happy New Year "

    Even though it seems to "suck" right now !


Ah Ah Ahhh !!


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11 hours ago, Steph said:

my tiny new avocado tree says happy new year



Sure is fun to grow em :confetti: around here they die outside ☠️ we trimmed it till it wouldn't fit in the house and was gettin a little ugly, never did get an avocado 🥑They have those little orange trees you can grow inside, I wish they would hurry up on the avocados. Oh sorry!! Hi tiny  :wave2: Can't leave the little feller out. Good start on the resolutions Steph, bringin some new life into the world  :party-243:

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Man This hide out is "killer"  :fighting-547:  where's everybody at  :dunno: This is one of the best places to share on the whole forum  Just look at all the grade "A' No. 1, cutting edge facts you learn here, not to mention the stand alone comedy. Isn't this the place we all get to really know each other ??. Some great stuff, a place for us all to cut loose   :evil-grin-smileys-111:    Hyyahhh !! Well since I was reminiscing over old times, I thought about the Father of the dog I have now. His name was Buddy, his son the marble partner I have now I named Tubby, A picture of each so you can see how much Father looks like son.

The Good Father Buddy


The King & his Queen, a happy man.


What do you mean why am I standing here!! " I am human " am I not ??


"The Good Father" Time for Dad to teach Sonny the ropes.


Tubby all grown up 1/2 of the "deceptive duo" look at that face, like father, like Son, right now he's waiting to help me "hide" I mean clean and sort mibs. With friends like this, who needs enemies ?? No wonder I have 2 or 3 of everything, they hide them faster than I can buy them.


Happy New Year From Me, Tubby & Sissy !!

I already know their resolutions, to eat more food & hide more mibs from me than they did last year, truly a dogs life !! Honestly what would I do without my kids ??


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Awwwww .... I spent a lot of yesterday reminiscing about my beloved departed. 

Including having the occasion yesterday to post this picture of my Joe and the light tent that he claimed as his favorite hangout. 


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We had a big black Tom like that when I was a kid. The only cat I knew that would fetch a stick. A humongous muscular cat that had tangled with more than one racoon 🦝 . We lived 10 miles out of town, I think "Sam" short for Samson, showed at the house about 2 or 3 times a week just to say hi, the rest of the time he was out hunting. Our nearest neighbor was almost 3/4 of a mile away so yes we lived in the country. I believe he lived to be about 16 and was hit by a truck while crossing the road returning from being out carousing for chipmunks 🐿️🐁, or whatever. We found him in the garage in his favorite spot under the chest freezer by the heating vent the next morning, I thought he had lived through the ordeal but unfortunately he never woke up. He would follow me all over the woods just like a dog, as a matter of fact he was more dog 🐕 like than cat, fetching and all. I will never forget my trusted companion with the heart of a lion 🦁 , never a complaint one.


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Well another year gone by so quickly 🏎️, I always say this, so I'll say it again" Hopefully this year is going to be better " :character-smileys-238:

                                                                                                                                                                               Chad G. :party-243:

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