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A primer on polished machine made marbles

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Machine made marbles have been polished for some time. I urge you all to research how marbles are polished and take heed when looking at what you may have purchased.
They are showing up today in groups/lots of marbles and many sellers do not even know what they have been selling.
This is just a simple primer and I hope to see some more examples posted. 
In the early days the polishers tried to make the best, just like the Polishers of old “Germans”. This was a fail because you could literally see what was done with the matrix being out of wack. Today, if you do not use a high powered lupe or headlamp, it will be hard to tell. I find a few using my macro camera under flash.
Look for different directions of micro scratches, half polished moons and facets along with a dull finish. These are all very hard to determine in hand. 
The Brick that I am showing, I decided to keep just because it has a big chunk of iron in it which actually will pull towards a magnet—very cool imho.
The Master came in a large lot and I just thought that it was a killer Master until my camera told me different.
The Sparkler was misrepresented much to the sellers surprise and I received a refund.
WHATTT??? People will try to rip you OFFFFF!!!
Lets get real, it has been going on for as long as we were human.
Collectors are brothers and sisters---family!
Marble On my family!!

Ox polished.jpg

Polished Master.jpg

Polished Sparkler.jpg

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