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Polished? Or end of cane? Seems original surface


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May you be thinking 'End of day' paneled onion skin. Fire polishing and especially grinded, faceting is usually obvious when you know what to expect. This has not been fire polished as when so, pontal is still there but made smooth.

An 'End of cane' is when, whether ribbons or onion skin is when the center of the marble is open and finished round but ran out of cane colors, usually leaving a clear open, un-swirled ending. best example would be, say: 4 swirl ribbons and or latticinio that do not close on opposing side and are straight, not swirling into a twist as the other may or may not be twisting too. To that effect, it happens on onions and Joseph coats too. 

This is not an 'End of cane'.

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