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Coral? Alley or CAC


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Comes in at 5/8”….. really pretty mib, wish it was mint, but I still like it. Alley or CAC coral, I’m leaning CAC just because the Alley corals I have the coral is a bit more pinkish…but it’s probably Alley! Lol









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"Corals" are an argument type for sure. This is a collectors name as far as I know and no company marketed them as such imho.
Several companies made them, including Champion, Alley and CAC and a few made them that did not intend on this color. They can vary quite a bit in coverage and base color such as transparent vs almost opaque and opaque as well.

Zaboo posted some great images—(really great images) I just love them for sure! Zaboo was around when I was a rookie and I hope to see some more of this respected collectors' takes on the ID’s on this format, along with some more great images.

I just collect anything that looks like it has a “coral” color to it and I could care less what company made them. (I suck at WVS ID, try and fail—but keep on going)

The color is the thing to me—not the value.
Here are a few that I have collected over the years.





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The 2 bottom left, are they transparent green glass? Look nice…I have a lot that are almost opaque green glass, typical I would say..but characteristics are the same with the transparent green. …I collected Germans since I was a kid in the 80’s, and CAC,,,not till the last 3 years have I delved into the gallons of Machine made marbles my father and I purchased over the years so it has been fun to say the least! 

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