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The blue ribbon usually runs the middle of the red ribbon @ some point on most greycoats. The ribbons are actually grey not blue which would disqualify it as a greycoat. Yes if the ribbons on yours were grey instead of blue a greycoat.

LINK ::  https://www.allaboutmarbles.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=53207&p=383035&hilit=Peltier+Greycoat#p383035


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9 minutes ago, Fire1981 said:

That is the most famous Gray Coat I’ve seen. LOM 20 years ago 🔥

It's a good example, that's fer sher, oh I forgot to mention, a good percentage of greycoats are a larger size, around 13/16ths or so. No I don't have one, never even seen one except in pictures.

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