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Akro sparklers with aventurine..


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  • Chad G. changed the title to Akro sparklers with aventurine..
16 hours ago, manddrakes said:

Been a while... Some I sold in a lot. Kicking myself for it...





Master marble. I've had one well over 20 years now. Tricky little devils with enough colors to think they are Akro.

Actually, I was trying to get a decent shot of mine recently, but my danged camera can't get it near as well as yours  has.. Yet I do have and old photo of mine, when I'd originally had half a mind it was Akro and another half it wasn't. So, intently leaving Akro's name out: I just called it a Sparkler Blizzard.

This old photo is so degraded you can't see or tell it's loaded with colors: red, dark and light blue that are separated verses blending from dark to light, , orange, yellow, green, white, very much like yours is, but my old photo is good enough to show it's the same. Yours pretty much look like same run matched set. Mine has 360 evenly spread colors and about, like yours; Aventurine one half covered and it's about 9/16" . I wonder because of so much color, you can hardly ever find in a Master Made: "Maybe they were made special for the 1933 World's Fair?" These are far rarer than any Akro Sparkler or Master Made marble:



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