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Help me identify these marbles please


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"Welcome to Marble Connection Ashley"   :wave2:

            Most of what I see  isn't worth more than a couple penny's but one marble can make all the difference !! Looks like some foreign and some vintage, for a better idea sort into groups of 4 or 5 w/ multiple views for a more accurate I.D. Measurements in fractions of an inch can be very helpful also again  "Welcome"

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3 minutes ago, ashley101287 said:

I also have a ton of these. The we're made by my neighbors dad. They were made by a company called Tracor, and the were made to be melted down for military use. I can remember exactly what for, I'd have to ask my husband later. Have you ever heard of them?

Heard of a lot of marbles made for all kinds different industrial use, paint spray can rattlers etc...... Can't say I ever heard of Tracor specifically ??

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1 hour ago, ashley101287 said:

aerospace technology is what they were for...hiding planes from radar

Wow, do you know if they were just regular glass, irradiated, coated ?? Sounds very interesting.

I found this, is does say NASA used them in space balloons, guess there's a whole lot to it that was unknown to me, good post !! 


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