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Kokomo Show


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Fried chicken dinner tonite at 5:00 at the Hampton. Dan Grocki with millions of mibs, the Brandstetters with great prices and a rare opporunity to buy quality rarities inclucing about 100 pristine boxes from Art Bowles are just some of the highlights that I saw last night.

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As Ken said...Good turn-out with alot of Quality marbles.........

A few pics, with more to come......

post-257-1157804002_thumb.jpgpost-257-1157803985_thumb.jpgFrom the collection of Chuck and Diane...

post-257-1157804052_thumb.jpgDan Grocki talking with a couple of local Contemporary Artists...


post-257-1157804138_thumb.jpgpost-257-1157804126_thumb.jpgpost-257-1157804205_thumb.jpgA few my wife and daughter picked up on...

More pictures from todays show posting tonight.....


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