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Vitro Wedding Cake


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Hi All

I just wont this Shooter wedding cake from Bob. I am not a Vitro collector. I know nothing as to the rarity of these or the going rate. I liked it & I don't have one so I bid on it & won.

Is this a good price? An Ignorant mind wants to know.

here's the link




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That is a HTF Vitro marble. I had looked at it and was interested also.

However, I have 1. Mine doesn't have the aqua on it.

A couple of reasons that I didn't bid on it was that I need to use that money for a new camera.

Another reason was condition.

Yet another reason was that not every collector who would like to have one has one yet.

And = do I really need more than one?

Congratulations and enjoy it!

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It seems they go from $30 to $50 range. I have never seen one with a third color either. In my opinion it isn't a true wedding cake, and is possibly a newer Vitro than the two color wedding cakes. Don't have proof either way other than the small wedding cakes are a fancy tiger eye style.

Still very close to it, and a really nice marble.




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