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Akro Salesman's Sample Box


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The last I heard only 5 were known to exist. 2003 or 2004 an Akro Salesman Sample box sold on ebay for about $5000. with less than half, or maybe no marbles, I can't remember. In Amana 2004 talking with Landon, learned that box, was picked up by him in Oregon, and hand delivered to the man who won it on ebay. That man was also at the 2004 Amana show, and was trying to lean what marbles went with that box, in order to back-fill it. It's a rare box, very desirable, because of beautiful, uncommon types and sizes, of the marbles in it. In 1992 when I started collecting, that box in mint $10,000. don't know what it is now.

MAIN-MARBLE-MAN the box you show has one of the inserts badly replaced, appears to be back-filled and the box looks in the middle of near mint, my guess on value; $3000. to $5000.


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First - the box in original condition with original marbles is quite rare - probably one of the rarest sights in marble collecting. Second - the box that is pictured appears to have been jumbled and had a fair number of marbles added that were not original to the box. If you have access to the box the first thing you want to do is get the right marbles in the right sections ordered by size. This will help you determine which are not original to the box.

A mint example with well-matched original marbles have sold for $12,000. You can tell a box with original marbles because the factory took time to match the marbles to ensure color and pattern were almost exactly the same in a row (in the graduated sizes).

I was fortunate to purchase an Akro Saleman's Case years ago from the daughter of an Akro Agate factory employee. The provenance is a nice bonus.

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