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Vitro Blackie Re-pops??


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hi all --- I passed on a large lot of Blackies this past Sunday (about 300) but I passed as they were all very high grade. Do any of you know if they have been reproduced and imported? If they have been re-made, how can you tell they are wrong? Do I look for the common oily surface and bad seams? thanks everyone --- lots of snow and ice here --- chris

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hmm.......there shouldn't be any reproductions that look like real blackies, but there are some that could look similar to a newby eye. Marble King made some black based with two patches of red or blue or green.

also, vitro did package some in labeled bags that looked like pukey versions of the older ones. dang it, i can't find a picture. the colors were kinda gross and smeary if i recall.

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Like Chris said, I haven't heard of any 'fake' Vitro Blackies being made but obviously people can ID marbles incorrectly so some of the Vacors, etc. might have 'blackie' traits. Here are pics of two basic Vitro Blackies bags. The latter is one with marbles that, in the wild and not in a bag, might be hard to ID as Blackies.



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