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Lou Or Sue? Spontaneous De-attachment & De-linking?


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Relative to glitches on the board, I think I may be a serial killer ... or Jessica Fletcher. (Any of you ever thought about how incredibly high the murder rate was in Cabot Cove, Maine on Murder She Wrote?)

Anyhow, whether I'm doing it or whether I just happen to be around when it's happening, I've noticed another couple of odd and possibly related occurrences.

Sue, you already know about one of them. In the End Of Cane Cloud ? thread and one other, where the photos were visible to some people, for awhile. Then they disappeared, and in their place were some text strings which looked associated to the attachments but which weren't functional.

I noticed the second yesterday when I went to add a couple of items to my W. I. P. In the Vitro section, the links have been changed to html code, in text form, and no longer function as links. (Same problem in the Champion section, but I didn't register that yesterday.)

I can and will go in and change them back, but I want a moderator to see it first. In case it would be helpful. In case you need to describe the situation to anyone. In case spontaneous post changes become the trend more than the exception.

(has it been a problem in the past?)



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I looked at what you are talking about and fixed a piece of your code. You had an extra set of html code which caused this section to pop up as html. I would fix the whole thing for you but I'm a bit confused at to your links.

You will need to go back in and more than likely relink everything that is messed up. If you leave one wrong code in there it will re-format that section until it finds an ending code.

Hope this answers your question.


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Thanks, Lou. I'll be diligent about not leaving any straggling code in the future.

Now can you explain this one:

A few minutes ago I was inserting an image in another thread. A picture of four cat's eyes. Hosted by photo bucket.

I copied the image name in the usual way (highlight the photobucket web address and "copy" ... you know ... not by hand). And then I "pasted" in the usual way.

It's a .jpg image, and the address ends in .jpg. Okay. That shouldn't need stressing, but instead of just


between the "img" tags, I got this:

"http://i38.photobucket.com/albums/e110/leaannd/2-28-07018.jpgOne neuron short of a synapse"

I was so amused and bemused that I copied that into a text file to ponder later. I thought maybe it was some sort of unusual protection feature the image owner was employing to prevent people from linking to her photos. (Like Gutenberg.org does)

I deleted the extra words, checked to make sure the picture link worked, submitted my post, then went on to read more on the board.

The next post I opened up to was one of Buddy's.

And it turns out that "One neuron shot of a synapse" is his new signature line.

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But seriously ... have the pix just disappeared from here?

or have they been gone for awhile?

or are they still there and I don't see them. (Stop it Buddy!)

Oh ... okay ... it's old news. That's the 2nd thread involved in the spontaneous combustion Saturday.

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but really...

before they re-shuffled the Lo-Fi Version and updated/upgraded, you were limited to 6 images per post.

now that muitiple 2000 X 2000, million and a quarter byte, half acre of background (uncropped) images can be added per post, maybe they have a margin-humping limit to keep someone from dorking the margins with 8 or 10 pics in a row?

(I know if I had the powa' that's how I'd rig it)

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