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Loss Of Our Friend In The Marble Community


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I have not been on the board in a while but for those who did not know.

Bill Sweet ,my friend and a friend to many of yours, passed away March 27, after a brief illness. Bill enthusiastically collected marbles, mostly handmade marbles for 45 years, and made many friends amongst collectors all over the country as he enjoyed his marbles and many friends in the hobby.

I attended the celebration of Bill's 87 years today. He was a very fortunate man . His numerous friends, devoted family, and longtime great health are a tribute to a life well lived. Bill had many diverse collections.... but the marbles were his favorite. His son, Eric, enjoys the marbles too and will remain active in the hobby, as Eric attended all marble shows with his dad.

:( Jerry Biern, Raremarble

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Thank you ,Jerry.

Bill was one of the very first collectors I met in the 1981 at a show in Ct. We had so much fun that we always made a point of having our tables next to each other.. I purchased many antique handmades from Bill and still have some of them...he always loved my large jar with all the cat eye marbles..

Rest in peace, Bill.. and thanks for all the good times.


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Oh Jerry............... What can I say....... There's no words, but you know what I mean.....

I've known Bill for??????????? 35-40 years??? He gave me my prize red mica at one of the first marble shows... (It was great to be a kid collecting marbles!!! ;) )

Another of the "Old Guard" is down. That marble club in the sky just keeps getting better..........

Please give my love to Eric. Thanks Jerry!!

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Yikes, not Bill Sweet........OMG what a major loss.

Bill & I dealt through the mail in the early '80's. I was thrilled, you could BUY marbles from him- almost anytime you wanted- this was almost unheard of at the time. Years of looking everywhere & anywhere for marbles & now here is Bill Sweet with a list of marbs for sale- Great! I bought plenty of special marbs through the mail from Bill over the years including my first Clambroth.

I finally met Bill at his Marble Show in Attleborough MA. sp? Probably 1985. Wow, what a show that was- all the serious old timers were there- Bev Brule, Bert Cohen, Everett Grist, Art Ward, Gary Dolly, Warren Abair, Don Taylor, Jim Moeller, and of course his son Eric. He and Eric were always close, it was a guarantee if you saw Bill you would see his son too.

In 1987 there was a major marble auction in Middletown Ohio. The Lindemann collection was being dispersed. Bill & Warren Abair flew out to the sale. A bunch of other collectors showed up too. We all stayed in the same Hotel & had a mini-marble-meet the night before the auction. The morning of the sale Bill invited my wife Chris & me to ride to the auction hall with him & Warren. The chance to hang with these heavy hitters was a dream come true. We hadn't left the parking lot in the rental car when I could see that the driver- Bill, more than 20 years my senior, was very nervous at the wheel. Before we entered traffic I told him that driving was as easy for me as falling off a log- I would gladly take the wheel. He pulled over immediately and everyone changed seats. We were all glad that he accepted my offer to drive. It was easy sailing after I got behind the wheel, everyone relaxed behind my smooth driving.

You leave your friends at the door to the auction hall, so we fought it out tooth & nail for the best marbles. The battle for these super marbles was intense. Minor skirmishes erupted on many prime examples of all types of handmade marbles. There were record prices set on both Sulphides & Swirls. $3600 for a large Lobed Onionskin with Mica was the high price of the day.

After the sale we were all friends again. Bill asked me to take the wheel on the way back to the hotel- no problem. He was at ease with being chauffeured around & I was glad to do it. This was the start of a friendship that lasted for many years.

Rest in Peace Bill, You will be missed by many.

I'm sad,


Lloyd Huffer

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Sweet, William

SWEET, WILLIAM 'BILL', 87, of East Providence, passed away peacefully at his home on March 27, surrounded by his loving family and friends.

He was born in Providence, the son of the late Daniel Sweet and the late Sarah (Wishnevski) Sweet.

Bill was a kind, gentle, and loving father, grandfather, and friend.

He served bravely in World War II, both in North Africa and in Europe.

Bill's passion was collecting beautiful antique treasures. He was known throughout the region as a knowledgeable marble expert.

He will be sadly missed by his loving son, Eric B. Sweet of R.I., his loving daughter, Kara Sweet of Cape Cod, his beloved grandchildren, Zachary and Erika, his former wife and loving friend, Susan Sweet, and by many close friends.

A brief service celebrating his life will be held at Swan Point Chapel on Blackstone Blvd. in Providence on Friday, March 30 at 1:30 P.M. In lieu of flowers, and in recognition of Bill's love for animals, memorial donations may be made to the SPCA or the Humane Society of the U.S.

The family was assisted with arrangements by SUGARMAN- SINAI MEMORIAL CHAPEL.

Published in The Providence Journal on 3/29/2007.

Notice • Guest Book • Flowers • Gift Shop • Charities

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