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  1. kris7047th

    Got Mica ?

    SPectacular Migs!! Kris
  2. Andrea,.. I have a NLR John Deere that the ribbons go deep into the core. I know this because it is missing glass on one side and clearly shows the construction of the ribbons. Kris
  3. And I'll bet those ridiculous prices back then were maybe a 1/4 of todays going rates? Makes ya wonder twenty years from now.... Kris
  4. WOW!!! Everyone... Incredible Pelt Swirls!! Let's keepem coming.. Psst Wayne,... Hey ole' buddy... ya gonna add me to your will?? Hehehe. Seriously, you have done a fantastic job collecting Peltiers this year!!! Kris
  5. kris7047th

    A few pelts

    I know, Sue! I think that he may not be able to get to a computer where he lives now. I emailed him awhile ago and it bounced back. He used to tell me that he would check the board when he was in Colorado on a friend's PC before his move. I just hope that he is OK and would feel better if he would just drop in. Kris
  6. kris7047th

    A few pelts

    They also come in big little and tweener sizes
  7. That is horrible!! My neighbor next door had his license taken away for drunk driving. Now he has to ride a bike to work,.. serves him right!! There can't be anything worse than loosing a child, particularly , in this manner. What a shameful, tragic waste. Kris
  8. kris7047th

    A few pelts

    It's always good to hear from ya Dustin! Sorry to hear that you are having knee problems... and thanks for the *thanks* LOL!! Kris
  9. kris7047th

    A few pelts

    I couldn't stand it, so I added a few more in the second pic Kris
  10. I am so sorry for your loss. Trully, I understand... Kris
  11. Two views of some that I picked up over last year. I really like the Peltier *Spidey* patch. Kris
  12. Oooooooh to be a *newbie* like you With gold like that, who need diamonds? You go girl!! Kris
  13. Steph,.. there was a huge controversy about Brian making these that couldn't be discerned from the real Bricks. I am one who is in favor of having these signed to prevent them from being mistaken from the old originals. Kris
  14. Sue has it right... He who laughs last,... laughs best I am sure that you will figure something out. Kris
  15. Doesn't he put a little shamrock in them as a signature? I thought I saw some with them. If so, what a neat idea and a dead give away that they are contempary. Kris
  16. OK David It's your turn to tune it down..LOL an' NO !! Ya ain't pryin them outa my hands Kris
  17. David,... I have been..... for the past week... Kris
  18. Well I don't want that to happen so add that one too. Kris
  19. I'll take 2,3, 4, 5, 6 Kris
  20. What a beautiful baby!!! Kris
  21. DUSTIN!!!! Tooooo Cooooolll!!! Great to hear from you. Kris
  22. I would agree with you Steve. I was a little confused with the *insert* labeling of the marbles on some of the pages, however, that could have been done by the editor or whomever set it up for print and no fault of the authors. As for the quality of the pictures, I would rate them a 7 out of a ten. I just think that they could have been more defined, especially with the Jabo section. They should have hired BT to do the pictures! Kris
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