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More Thoughts & Prayers...........


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I was absolutely crushed by the news today..... Only a few on this board will know Lani Dustin (I know I'm spelling Lani wrong!! :unsure: I'm sorry!!! )....

She was known, for a time, in the marble world as Lani Clark.... Bev Brule introduced her to John Dustin at the Northeast show.... It was a match made in "Marbledom!!"

John still casually collects marbles, but Lani moved on to buttons... Particularly those made by Sam Biern, who just happens to be Jerry's (raremarble) father......

The article was announcing the tragic death of Bob Clark in a car accident, Lani's past husband and still a dear friend.... (They were hit by a Drunk &%$#@^'ing Driver!!! :angry: ) ... I was terribly saddened for her....

But then................... The article revealed that her 22 year old son, Ariel, was also killed in the accident.......

OMG........ Lani would lie on RR tracks for her boys.... Both are beautiful, smart and gifted... She's devoted her life to raising them to be the very best that they could be..............

I'm just devastated for her...... :(:(:(

Article from CNN

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That is horrible!! My neighbor next door had his license taken away for drunk driving. Now he has to ride a bike to work,.. serves him right!! There can't be anything worse than loosing a child, particularly , in this manner. What a shameful, tragic waste.


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I was lucky enough to know Ariel Clark since he was a little tyke.

I loved this beautiful child. He was always a friendly & social youngster. Ariel was an accomplished magician who loved honing his craft at the Boston Marble Show. He tricked me at every opportunity.

My heart goes out to Lanni & John Dustin. I am sure they are devastated by this horrific turn of events.

I am crushed to hear of this very premature loss,

Lloyd Huffer

A little Hank Jr for the drunk driver-

“ I’d like to spit some Beechnut in that dudes eye.” ………

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