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Some More Rainbos


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Almost added this to Kris's post (WOW btw), these are a little older under the same name.

This original stock box saw sunlight for the first time in over 3 decades today. B)

Marbles are just under 7/8" to almost 15/16", and Mint with box wear.

Rows of Cub Scouts, Red Zebras, Zebras w/ aventurine, K & Ms, and Lemon-Limes

Cant remember seeing this size box in any of the books.

Wish it had been filled with some Supermen and Golden Rebels ;)



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Just wanted to show you folks something maybe you haven't seen before.

Cant get to the marble shows or club meetings. What I read in the books,

eBay, collector websites, and now this forum is where I get my knowledge.

So far feedback from this post tells me maybe this box isn't as rare as I thought.

Sorry Dustin NFS, this box is one of the cornerstones of my collection.

marblesus1 has a K&M of this type for sale on eBay. (yw for the plug Roger)


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Hey Greg, just out of curiosity, does the Lemon Lime (4th one down) have a touch of aventurine in it?

Good eyes Chuck, doesn't appear to be any.

Looks to be some air bubbles reflecting in the sun.


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Really special. I've got to get out more; the size of those mibs are really impressive, likewise the patterns. Too bad they're not supermen and golden's. I'd love to see photo's of more of these boxes, of course with the mibs inside. After seeing your pic, I'm interested in adding a few of those boxes to my collection. Grist's book has some good pic's, particularly that Akro jobber's/salesman's kit. WOW. Thanks for sharing. Colin

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