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Akro Box ... "unmarked"


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From the discussion about an unbranded box of "glassies":

We have been watching this auction... funny, Akro always marked their boxes 'akro' somewhere, even the little gift boxes were stamped. I did email the seller and asked if it said Akro anywhere and the reply was a simple 'no'.

we dont think it's akro, but possibly Vitro.


auction link

just a little update.. talked to Roger Hardy and he agrees, akro marked their boxes. He's never seen this type box, or any jobber type box that was not marked, including the shipping boxes. He said with it being marked glassies and nothing as to maker, he wouldn't say it was akro either. :D

What do you think about this box?


Hansel bought it for $995. eBay listing

The seller's description: "Up for sale is an circa 1960s excellent Set of marbles in original box with marble bag.Boxs & marbles are unmarked .A very nice set in excellent condition."

I suppose the "unmarked" part could have been referring to condition. But if it had said Akro somewhere, wouldn't the seller have noticed it and mentioned it? From the "circa 1960's" comment, it sounds as if the seller really didn't see any clues to the origin of the box.

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it looks like most, if not all of the marbles are Akro.

That being said then one of two things is correct.

1. It is either an Akro box

2. Someone somewhere knows a little bit about marbles and it wasn't this seller.

Maybe a collector put the box together and then died. He bought it from the garage sale or estate sale afterward.

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Guest browse4antiques

I once had a box with a top much like that (also not marked at all) that had game marbles that appeared to be Vitro. ..Roger

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I have an identical box with all Akro marbles from the early 30's. Bob Block(with my apologies to Roger Hardy) shows the box and other unmarked boxes with Akro marbles as gift boxes in his "Marble Mania" book. I think Roger is wrong because I've had other boxes of the same type with Akro marbles. Art

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I thought I had seen some reference to a gift card explaining how an Akro box could be both marked and unmarked. But then I couldn't find it.

I simply hadn't looked hard enough. I've found it now though. It is in an image linked by Dan in his post here.


(click to enlarge)

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