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Countries With Postage Stamps Of Ducks Playing Marbles


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Here is a list of countrys who have produced stamps relating to marbles (usually kids playing marbles):

Common wealth of Dominica (Full sheet)

Malayasia (Full sheet)

Israel 2002, envelopes (FDC), also full set 4 individuals

Singapore full set,4

USA (New York, Rockwell FDC)

Australlia (FDC)

England (FDC)

International year of the child, Philadelphia, (FDC)

Algeria full set,4

Germany full set,6 (Sweden)

Italy (Lesotho) full set,8

Caymen Islands full set, 5 corner blocks

Yugoslavia (FDC)

Trinidad & Tobago (FDC/w 5 stamps)

Netherlands (Belgium) full set, 4

San Moreno


New Zealand



Macau (China)



El Salvador




Full sheet indicates a full sheet of stamps.

FDC indicates it was a First day of issue cover.

btw, I have all the ones with numbers, FDC or full sheet after them

Craig Snider (Spara50) has quite a collection also.

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Thanks Jessie. I thought it sounded catchier than "Special Administrative Regions With Postage Stamps Of Children Playing Marbles". ^_^

Plus there might only be one of those. Macau. SAR of China.


Does anyone know which government issued this stamp? I would have supposed Belgium, but Bo's list makes me think perhaps the Netherlands. ?


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Aruba needs to be on the list too. And if we want to add games played with marbles we could probably add a few more to include djibouti. I'll check at home for others. I have never seen the USA issue does anyone else have it?


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Interesting topic. but isn't it a real shame that the USPS cannot be convinced to produce stamps with marbles.

I know there have been several tries with letters to the people in charge, only to be denied.

thanks for the list, too


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ok, I checked my stuff last night and can add Luxembourg, French Polynesia, Thailand, and Mexico to the list. Luxembourg and french Polynesia may be balls but if so, they are very small balls or big marbles, who is to say? Mexico is an easter seals release and thailand is also some type of charity but both are stamps with marbles. I know that both Mozambique and England had two series with marbles on them. there is also a FDC out there from the american glass that pictures german handmade marbles on the cachet. (go figure). As far as games played with marbles, both Macao and Sweden have stamps depicting what we call chinese checkers, and Djibouti and Gabon have stamps with mancala on them. Brazill also has a nice FDC with kids playing marbles.


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