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Experimental Sparkler


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Guest browse4antiques

Very hot sparkler. I like the way the red is formed in thin threads. It reminds me of some of the German ones (as shown below), but the Akros are much richer in colors (and richer in value). ... Roger



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hey alan

not sure about the experimental part of it

but i am 100% sure it is a dug marble

it came out of the second big pile found under the slabs on the city property

i have a couple but there was not many of them found

realy sweet marble though

the diggers dubbed them "oxblood sparklers"

but anyhow one nice marble


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I have always heard it referred to as "experimental" when it shows up. All the fine thread-y filaments as opposed to what my avatar looks like where the filaments are "sculpted" and the fact that it never made it into widespread production as far as I know. On the other hand it is not a dug example either.

Maybe Scott can shed some more light on it.


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