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I think that's the general topic in this pinned thread: "cooking", Restorers who "Cook" / Reheat.

It hasn't been an easy question to get answered. You might have the best shot at it by posting it in the main forum so more people will see it. That was sort of the plan from the beginning for this forum. Questions could be asked in the main forum and then they could be moved here when they had run their course over there.

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Here's a repeat of what I posted at the link:

ok - here goes.....

You need to have a kiln, digital controller is best = $600

You need a torch, Minor is best = $250

You need special glasses = $200

You need glass mandrels, tweezers = $20

You need approximately a year of experience with torching before you can safely TRY to repair any marble.

I don't want to throw a blanket on anyone's vigor, but this is fact - ask me, I am a marble repair person...lol

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