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Marbles From South America


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Marbles from Brazil:

This bag was auctioned by the Lloyd Ralston Gallery.


Auction description:

Original package. Very rare Brazilian marble package. Poly bag. Header reads "Bolas de Gu de Arco Iris / No. 211 / Tamanho 5/8" / Quantidade 30". Estrela brand, from Sao Paolo. Contains mostly an odd type of Tiger Eye, some catseyes and clearies. stunning and exceptionally rare! Mint. Probably 1960s.

Some of its contents:

post-279-1187031790_thumb.jpg post-279-1187031804_thumb.jpg post-279-1187031817_thumb.jpg post-279-1187031824_thumb.jpg post-279-1187031830_thumb.jpg . . (source of contents photos)

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Marbles from Argentina:

These are pictures Rick posted awhile back. Their original thread was lost in the recent downsizing. Luckily I'd saved the photos. These are way cool. The bag says "Industria Argentina", indicating that's where they were made.

post-279-1187033175_thumb.jpg post-279-1187033182_thumb.jpg post-279-1187033190_thumb.jpg post-279-1187033199_thumb.jpg

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Here is another package from Argentina. The marbles inside are loose, but I've heard others mention old style swirled marbles from South America. Again, the box says "Industria Argentina".


(The photo looks like it probably came from an eBay auction, but I found it here. Jeff Hale describes the marbles as a sort of wirepull shooter.)

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Made in Japan for sale in South America:



From the auction description:

This lot, A MARBLE CONSIGNMENT, consists of a 100-count marble box (ca. 1930s) with approximate dimensions of 5-3/16" by 5-3/16" by 17/32". The only marking on it is a small side label reading "100 Bolitas/No. 00/Asst. B/Industria/Japonesa," indicating manufacture in Japan and sale in South America, probably Argentina. The marbles all measure about 1/2" (13 mm) and represent eight different color combinations of "Patches" arranged in 10 columns ....


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