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Oxbloods And Ades In Yellow Popeye Boxes


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So far all of the yellow popeye boxes I remember seeing have had oxbloods and lemonades in them. All two of them. ^_^

Is this a mere coincidence? What else is known both about yellow popeye boxes ... and about how Akro's oxbloods and ades were marketed in general?

Here are pix of the two boxes. The first was shown by Lloyd here. The 2nd is Nancy/Pollyestr2's ... for a few more hours.


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Here are a couple of pics of the Yellow Popeye Boxes we bought in the mid-west in 1990.




All these boxes had the same type marbles in them. I have never seen a red box with these marbles.


I have owned several Yellow Boxes with regular Popeye Marbles in them.

I'm Hip,


Lloyd Huffer

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