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Needs updating. Lots of threads from the last year need to be added. If you have any favorites, feel free to let me know here or by PM.

Christensen Agate Company (1925-1933)

See also Original Packaging

Company history:

Joemarbles.com: Christensen Agate

LOM: Arnold Fiedler

Various examples and discussion:

Don't These Go For Around A Hundred Bucks? (There's an interesting comment in post #4. I need to try to find the pix which were in post #1.)

Electric Orange Slags

C.a. Guinea Fragment With Visible Shear Mark...

Vegas Catch!!

One Of These Is Different., Five are from the same company

Did Christensen Agate Make Opaque White-based Swirls?

Ole' Yeller ?, ????????

Marblelairium: CAC slide show

A True Conundrum, Some CACs are just wrong

Would Either Of These Be Considered A "road And Tunnel" Design?

Cac Marble Mail, She's a beauty! (nice mibs and some discussion of seam counts)

Slags (aka Onyx):


Peach Slag (this appears to be a CAC transparent swirl rather than a slag)

Ebay Is Messing Me Up. (beautiful peach)

Three To Id (Peach slag(s) in Post #5.)

Peach Pretender (not CAC smile.gif)

Single Seam Slag Or Striped Transparent ???, 3/4" CA

"slag" Vs. "onyx"


Orange Slags, photo reference

Cac Orange Slag?, I believe it to be...

Some Nice Ice


C.A. Handgathered Mibs



Godzilla Guinea

c.a. "OO" guinea box

red guinea (rare)

A Fowl Pair Of Guinea's, WHAT NO FEATHERS !!!!

Privately Aquired Cobalt Guinea And Others, Please tell me what you think

A Few Of My Guineas, also found in the wild bib's required!!


Cobra?, yes, but how would I guess without being told?

My Newest Beauty

Christensen Flame And Cobra?, help I.D

Cobras ... Single Stream ???


Blue Ray...no Way....????

Various Swirls:

4-color Ca Striped Opaque -- Not!, Am I right?

Cac Or Alley? (follow-up to preceding discussion)

My Golden Rebel., Its not like yours

Pretty Ca



Just Needs Dressing.




CAC, "Worlds Best Bloodies"?, Need others input

Transparent Swirls:

Cac Trans Swirls, Very Cool

Striped Opaques:

Striped Transparents:

Single Seam Slag Or Striped Transparent ???, 3/4" CA

Layered Sand:

What Is It?, Layered sand (see post #6)

Blue Lace:

Looks Like Lace, What Could It Be..........

American Agates:

Mostly Pix - Christensen Agate Company (Post #2)

Blue Ray:

C.A. Handgathered Mibs (post #10)

Blue Ray...no Way....????


CAC, "Worlds Best Bloodies"?

Bloodie, Red Jenny Or Slag?

Cac Trans Swirls, Very Cool

Orange Peel:

A Rare Christensen, "orange Peel" Marble



Cac Shooters On Ebay


C.A. Handgathered Mibs

Cac Pastels (includes links to archived copies of Pete's page about his box of "pastel opaques")



Cac Oxblood?


CA cullet (long and involved discussion)



Wanted: Cac Bloodie, And Basic Cac White Base

I Got To Wondering After The Speculation (guinea half)

CAC Picture Gallery:

Mostly Pix - Christensen Agate Company

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